Video marketing shares its similarities with content marketing, however its official definition means to use digital marketing in various contexts, and all its video content uses to promote a brand, product or service.The fundamentals of video marketing vary, as many sites will tell you different things. However here at Aurameir Creative we tell you the direct, beneficial information that you need to know to help your business and brand to flourish.

You wa All for very different areas of work, but all striving for the same goal of wanting to reach out to a specific target audience.

On sites like YouTube, video marketing is considered an incredibly valuable resource for driving brand awareness. Video marketing can be used in this way to show off your location, your products, or even provide customers with help and answers they need. Alongside this, your company could even create a video to tell a story, or a promo and commercial that when displayed on a site like YouTube, could appear in the Google search engine if proved popular.

This is the raw power of content marketing.

Many companies have hit global success rates after posting a video which has soared in popularity ratings. Companies such as and Blendtec saw immediate success after posting a promotional video, reaching over the ‘viral’ number of 1,000,000 views and counting. Within 48 hours of DollarShaveClub posting their video, they reached over 12,000 new customers, and over 4,000,000 video views after three months, once again proving the amazing power of video marketing.

The key to video marketing comes through the means of creating unexpected, creative content. For example, DollarShaveClub’s promo video montage promoting their product. If you’re looking at doing this for your business, you need to hire the right team because what you need to remember, quality is paramount here.

Videos are becoming more popular in marketing and so comes the equation, videos + social trends = success. Video content needs to resonate with your target audience, the focus here does not need to be on succeeding in making the video viral, instead it could be to help you along your business journey. In addition, it could also be used as a means of answering mass questions from customers about a similar subject, so creating a video and uploading it to YouTube would answer their questions, as well as bringing in new audiences. The desired end result from this will be for your customers to see that you are reinforcing your policy in giving back to them, committing yourself to your customers.

Impact for your video marketing will come from you creating interesting, innovative and creative content. If the video simply lists what you have to offer, then the end result will mirror the quality o the video. So be creative, be fun, be spontaneous and unexpected in your content and delivery.

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