online marketing guideGoogle defines Online Marketing as advertising/marketing for your business, which includes the combined use of web and emails, driving sales as well as leads. Here at Aurameir Creative we aim and will deliver a good service in helping teach, educate and provide you with online marketing tips to help your business grow.

Social media plays a big part of marketing for any business, it connects provider with customer on fun and creative, as well as professional levels. One of the most influential and most-used social media platforms used by businesses, is Instagram. Instagram offers its users a slice-of-life into the lives of others, businesses and icons that take their interest because its interesting, funny and sometimes shocking. People share their passions and interests and it can often benefit those unsuspecting users when coming across something they didn’t expect to see, for example a major corporate business posting behind the scenes pictures and videos.Instagram is different than other social media platforms, for example Pinterest. Pinterest is a platform that specialises services for those of a more creative nature. With Pinterest, it is more common to find people ‘pinning’ posts of other people’s content, for example gifs and celebrity picture edits. However Instagram offers more freedom when it comes to creativity, with being able to post anything and everything colourful and creative.

For the “best” type of Instagram post, it is recommended to use between 5-10 words in your photo caption, as an Instagram post is all about the hashtags. The more hashtags the better. Be creative with your hashtags, as that’s what is going to make your post stand out more in the feed of the same name as the hashtag. Also what is also recommended is what’s called ‘piggybacking’, for example if there is a trend both within and out of social media that you see a lot of people do, don’t follow the crowd but be creative in line with that particular theme. For example, if the trend is people posing for a selfie with their animal, have fun and change things up. Doing the same thing limits your creativity so try multiple shots and experiment. Along those lines, an excellent feature on Instagram to play around with is moving your most used photo features all the way to the left, that way you don’t have to scroll to the end to find your favourite filter.

There are many more things that you can do with your social media to boost your online marketing, please read the following tips below and have fun with what you’re working on!

Tip no.1 – If you are someone who runs a blog, combine that with your social media and what you’ll get is amplification in being noticed. If you only had a blog and no social media, you would have no attention brought to your blog. If you had social media and no blog, you would have no context. The key is to combine, combine, combine.

Tip no.2 – With social media, you can often repeat posts of a similar nature, for example you can re-tweet something on more than one occasion, so if you wish to draw attention to a blog post you can tweet similar tweets to bring more attention back to the blog.
Tip no.3 – If you’re someone who’s keen on using Pinterest, who also happens to blog, it’s worth taking a second of your time to check how posting a new blog post pin looks.

Tip no.4 – Reduce extra time in sharing your blog post to all social platforms you use, add the ‘share’ button to your blog so you can simply click share on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc..

You can also save time in scheduling your blog posts to share on places like Twitter with the use of software like ClicktoTweet and Hootsuite.

Tip no.5 – Leverage LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the most “serious” of all social media platforms, so instead of sharing the link to your blog post, do a 500-1000 word ‘essay’ and post your blog post brand new on LinkedIn for a whole new type of audience. Your LinkedIn audience.

Tip no.6 – Use email/mail notifications. Some people believe a greater number of followers is better overall, however, if you have 500 followers you never know how many people are awake at the time of you post, or if they continuously follow your posts after clicking the follow button. With email, everyone who signs up to the mailing list in your blog will get every notification about a new post, update and so on.

Tip no.7 – Write blog posts as a guest. It won’t hurt to write a blog post for another user to post. If they share a common interest/theme with you, then why not? Simultaneously what you could do for your own blog is use SlideShares to display on a loop what you feel are your best blog pots. Encouraging new and existing visitors to view them first.
Thank you for taking your time to read this post, we hope it has been helpful and of use to you.
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