Pentax full frame dslr review

Pentax DSLR K-1 Full Frame – Exclusive Hands On Review

It has now been announced by Pentax (Ricoh Imaging) that a new model, the  36 MegaPixels Full Frame K-1, is due to hit our shelves and online stores this April (2016) of after many years of speculation. This will be the newest camera in the Pentax line, piquing the interest of current Pentax camera users. Pentax’s first full frame DSLR is currently available to pre-order for the amicable price of £1,599.90. But what will you be getting for your money? Carry on reading to find a full review of the latest Pentax camera model, the K-1.

We start off with the key features of the new camera, it offers its user 36.4M effective pixels and 35mm FF AA filterless CMOS sensor as well as a newly designed PRIME IV engine. Following with a 5-axis built in SR II, ISO24800, Pixel Shift Resolution, Fine Sharpness / Extra Sharpness, Floating mirror structure, 100% FOV, x0.7 optical viewfinder, SAFOX 12 333 point AF system -3EV, Scene Analyse Auto, Built-in WiFi, DR II, 1/8000 high-speed shutter, Flexible Tilt Type LCD, Operation assist light, built-in GPS & digital, smart function and much, much more.

With the K-1 it comes with a brand new goal from Pentax, they want the new camera model to be compatible with previous camera lens models. This will give it a wider usage rage, as well as a brand new super high quality viewfinder. Pushing the usage for users even further, producing a camera that will produce stunning and captivating images. The body of the camera is more robust than previous models, with the frame made out out of metal, which has been covered in a magnesium alloy. The dials on the body of the camera have been strongly constructed, in order for firm and precise usage in how they have been positioned. If twinned with a 2470 lens, the overall package of both camera and lens becomes even more ideal for the passionate photographer.

Delving into the inner workings of the camera, it has been fitted with a 36.4 Megapixel CMOS sensor, with no lowpass filter. Because of doing this, the result will produce a higher quality image not reached before without this sensor. This model, unlike previous others, is a little heavier but only by 9.25g. Only slightly heavier thanks to the metal frame making it a more robust camera to use. Moving onto the screen of the camera, you will be able to see that the viewing screen of the camera is able to move. When putting the camera into ‘live view’, you can tilt the screen so that it pops out of the camera body at an angle, viewing the screen in different ways, angles and positions. Using this feature on the camera is especially useful in situations which require either low-level work or shooting a video.

Ricoh Imaging (Pentax) with this model have also improved their internal processor, now performing at a much higher and quicker rate. This is also relevant for those shooting at times when requiring to capture an image or footage at a quicker pace, with the K-1 taking 4.4 frames per second. It can be increased to 6.5 frames per second when shooting in an APS co-op mode. It also comes a great ISO range opportunity with 4,800 which when combined with the anti-shake system, it makes for one impressive camera.

As well as the impressive inner workings of the camera, the camera itself will already be very familiar to currently existing Pentax camera users. For those of you who have not used a Pentax camera before, the layout of the K-1 is clear and easy to understand. including the menu and settings easily displayed and easy options to use. The command dial which is located above the viewing screen, contains all your standard camera modes with Pentax adding in 5 personal user settings. Here you will be able to create and customise five settings in which you can use to take your photos and videos. One feature in particular that stands out on the command dial is the override locking button. In a blink of an eye you can switch to one of your settings. An excellent feature. On the other side of the camera, located near the shutter button is what Pentex have called the ‘smart dial’. This dial is what contains all of the camera’s major settings. Below the smart dial you will find a small switch which if you flick it, you can switch to video mode with up to 1080p.

The K-1 does share in common, a feature seen on previous models. This would be the Astro tracer system, perfect for photography where the subject is astronomical. During these situations where the light is low, the operation assist lights come in handy to you are able to find the controls and change them. As mentioned in the key features at the beginning of this post, when looking through the viewfinder you will be able to see 33 ‘autofocus’ points. Pentax calls this the SAFFOX AF System. In turn the 33 autofocus points will produce a better quality photo than a camera with a single focus point.

With the announcement by Pentax of the new K-1 model, they have also with it announced two brand new lenses. Both of which can be used with the K-1. These are the 21805 F 3.5 to 5.6 and the even bigger super wide 15 to 30 F 2.8 ED. As well as being compatible with the K-1, these lenses are also designed to be used and compliment previous Pentax camera models. An additional feature to the brand new K-1 is its ability be compatible with the Image Transmitter Two Tethering System, usable in studio situations. What this means for those of you who like to edit your photos on your computers and laptops, the K-1 is more than capable and compatible to deliver and do the job you need it to do to get those stunning photos. In all aspects to conclude, the Pentax K-1 is a must have for the outgoing photographer. It delivers an all-round service and only the best of results.

This is indeed the camera that all Pentax, and indeed other brand users have been waiting for, to see if it can do what it says on the box. The K-1 is a chance for users to expand and broaden their spectrum in photo-taking, pushing the limits and reaching to the next level to capture a moment with the best equipment.

This amazing camera as stated in the opening, will be available as of next month (April 2016) , and is currently available on pre-order. More details on this new model can be found out on the Pentax website.
Thank you for reading this review, we hope you enjoyed reading it.
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